Business Nex Healthcare Ltd is also engaged in the business of importing and distribution of pharmaceutical product.
We have a proposed project, to establish an Infusion plant in Nigeria in collaboration with our Foreign Partners. This project consists of the establishment of a World Health Organization, W.H.O., standard that will produce large volume parenteral to be distributed nationwide. The firm will be located in the Federal capital territory, Abuja or surrounding States.
To manufacture and market quality affordable large volume parenteral into the Nigerian market, hence to the populace. The product(s) will ensure that the state- of the wellbeing of individuals is attained and maintained.
The primary objective of this pharmaceutical firm resides in
⦁ Its drug formulation,
⦁ The pharmacological class (es) of drug to be produced
⦁ Profitability
⦁ Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC).
The business type will dictate
⦁ The basic equipment needs,
⦁ Develop the budget required,
⦁ The construction cost, floor plan, layout & necessary square footage for the plant,
⦁ The basic staff needs,
⦁ Market target
Other purposes and objectives of this plan are to:

⦁ To create a basis for Business Performance Management
⦁ To enable the promoters and sponsors to crystallize their business idea and establish
clear business objectives
⦁ To ensure commercial success of the business
⦁ To provide guidelines to track and direct the growth of the business

Considering the potential of the Nigerian healthcare market, we intend to leverage on it by investing in the following:
⦁ Specialist Hospitals and Diagnostic Facilities;
⦁ Mobile Clinics;
⦁ Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

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