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We assist organizations in safeguarding the environment and promote sustainable development.

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Environmental Management Services

Environmental Impact Assessment and Technical Evaluation

Sustainable development of the world’s natural resources requires careful consideration of the potential environmental impacts of proposed projects or even policies. During the development and planning phase of a project or policy, EEMS prepares and leads an analytical process to predict potential impacts on the environment and assesses their significance, in conjunction with a public consultation program. Contemporary principles of risk assessment and management and impact mitigation are applied to developments that have the potential to impact on the natural, health, social and economic environments. This system approach includes a review of the possible cumulative impacts of the proposed project in the context of other existing and planned developments.

EIA is the assessment of impacts of a project on the natural, health, social and economic environments. In Nigeria and most countries of the world, EIA is a statutory requirement for all new projects or major modifications or expansion projects that are likely to have a significant impact on the environment.

The EIA is an input into the project definition, basis for preliminary and detailed design, construction and installation, operation and maintenance and decommissioning and end-of-project phases.

Environmental Auditing

Why Conduct an Environmental Audit?

It is useful to think of an audit as a diagnostic exam and operations “tune-up.” By conducting the exam (i.e., audit), a business gains a better understanding of where its operations stand compared to specified criteria, such as regulatory compliance, management systems, or others. The audit will indicate what needs to be done to allow operations to meet the criteria so a business can take action and improve its efficiency.

Like other “tune-ups,” an audit should be performed periodically or whenever needed. In Nigeria environmental audit is required from industrial facilities every three (3) years by regulation, which shall be conducted in accordance with the “Guidelines on Environmental Audit in Nigeria”.

Pollution Monitoring & Waste Management

Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into an environment that causes instability, disorder, harm or discomfort to the ecosystem i.e. physical systems or living organisms. Pollution can take the form of chemical substances, or energy, such as noise, heat, or light energy. Organisations should be concerned about the effects of their activities on the environment as responsible corporate citizens. We assist organizations in monitoring their process at critical points to detect early any harmful discharge into the environment.

Ecology and Conservation

We understand the fundamental properties and practices that should guide restoration and conservation of the ecology. We come up with solutions to some of the greatest environmental challenges involving the restoration, management, and conservation of soil, watershed, wetland, forest and prairie ecosystems.

Geotechnical & Geophysical Survey

A geophysical survey provides data that would enable detailed geologic interpretations to assist with water supply development, groundwater investigations, remediation design, and development projects.  Geotechnical investigations provide information for foundation design. Our most recent projects include.

CleanUp and Remediation

Contaminated sites by hazardous substances are a major environmental concern throughout the world because most contaminants can persist for many years in soil and sediments, where they have the potential to adversely affect human health and the environmental. Our Soil Remediation solution commence with a research study of the site, for a good understanding of the nature of contaminants the risks they pose, the best remediation technology for dealing with soils and sediments, and reasonable approaches to management of the problem.

Supply of Oil Absorbent Solutions

We are committed to supplying absorbents that can provide some of the best recovery rates and be environmentally responsible for its disposal.

We supply only bio-degradable absorbent that has very rapid absorption, can be deployed in the shortest possible times and leaves a very small carbon footprint in its wake.

Being an ISO certified company we also ensure that we provide accountability to our clients so that our products and services have reliability and consistency over time.





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