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  • Who we are

    Business Nex Limited is a reputable indigenous company in Nigeria. In collaboration with our European Partners for the purpose of achieving due diligence, professionalism, and excellent service delivery, we provide renewable energy solutions, railway services, project financing and business consulting of various categories.
  • Mission and Philosophy

    ⦁ Mastering complexity and making it simple for our clients.
    ⦁ Sharing aims and goals and different options to reach them.
    ⦁ Focusing on excellence and accompanying our clients, every step of the way because their way is our way.
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We believe that skills and competencies in our staff are the most precious asset, without any discrimination against age, nationality, and gender.
We are focused on quality and process innovation.
We aim to promote technical, cultural and managerial and motivate people to work autonomously.


Business Nex Group is an indigenous group of  companies in Nigeria. We ventured into the Pharmaceutical industry in 2006 with our subsidiary company; Vineton & Vinetress Integrated Services Ltd, in partnership with Clinotech Group Canada, which is a pharmaceutical and medical diagnostic company. Over the years, we have expanded our scope in the pharmaceutical business.

Between 2008-2011, we established one of the largest medical diagnostic consumption centre in the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital. Also, with the assistance of the Canadian Government, we created a credit family unit to encourage the use of the product in the hospital. Furthermore, we received invitation to establish a Joint Pharmaceutical Venture with the Rivers State and Cross River State Governments, which was stalled because of Government in the States.

In 2015, we established a joint partnership with AZM Pharmaceuticals with the primary aim of boosting local manufacturing of pharmaceutical products in Nigeria. This business relationship with AZM Pharmaceutical Industry, motivated the incorporation of Business Nex Company Ltd. In 2017, we identified the need to invest majorly in the Nigerian Health Sector, in collaboration with our foreign partners, hence we established contacts with the Federal Ministry of Health with the aim of producing infusion in the Country. After several discussions with the Federal Ministry of Health in view of investing and developing the Pharmaceutical Sector; Business Nex Health Care Ltd was established as an indigenous pharmaceutical firm. Our aim of investing in the sector, would create employment for our teeming youths and lead to the empowerment of health and related personnel in Nigeria.

In conclusion, our journey in the Pharmaceutical Industry spans more than Five years of persistent productivity and excellent service delivery. With our experience, we are able and confident to create a lasting landmark in the Pharmaceutical Industry, in Nigeria.

Our true strength is people. An excellent team in terms of competences, professionalism, experience. A flexible group that is able to take a challenge and acts rapidly, according to the company vision and values. We invest in quality and training. These activities are both focused on technical contents that must be very specific, and management skills development programmes.   We support meritocracy, persuade those correct decisions from a progressive, qualified growth of the whole organization. The extended product portfolio together with the relevant know-how, make us able to create internal synergies bringing innovation to all levels concerning products and processes.
To work with proficiency supporting professional growth, an essential rule must be followed – respect people.
Business Nex  Ltd is sensitive and attentive to workers’ needs and stimulates quality employment without age, nationality or gender discrimination.

Business Nex  Ltd considers health and safety a fundamental and indefeasible aspect: this is why the company is constantly committed to safeguarding its employees against occupational illnesses and accidents in the workplace and promoting their well-being. To meet this commitment and awaken awareness and inform the whole organization, continuous investments in training courses.

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